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Here are my services that I offer and a short little description with them. For even more details on these services don't hesitate to contact me.


Residential training

This is were I would arrange a course and work more intensively with your dog to work through problem behaviours.

Home visits

I would visit you and your dog in your home. Problem behaviours often originate and stem from the home into the outside world enabling me to assess if this is the case. Also I would deal with problem behaviours at your home.


Dog walking

For those who have a busy schedule or for anyone that wanted me to. I would walk your dog for you and teach your dog how to walk to heel. Once this has been achieved I would reward your dog with some time on a long line allowing your dog time to sniff and be a dog.


Dog boarding

Not available currently.


Doggie day care

Not available currently.


One to one consultations

Meeting you in a suitable location where training will take place or where the problem behaviour occurs. 

Puppy training

This is one to one, unlike puppy classes where the trainers attention is split between multiple puppies and owners. Giving you much more attention on you and your puppy. Many problem behaviours can be prevented from a good start in life as a puppy and this is essential for a balanced adult dog.


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