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We are the owners of a 3 year old German Shepard who we rescued when he was 18 months old. After a couple of months of everything being fine the honeymoon period came to an abrupt halt with our boy deciding he would no longer allow visitors to our home. When we that is my wife, children and myself were home with him you couldn't want for a better dog soft cuddly loving, but with the arrival of any visitor he changed to a snapping growling monster that put off our closest of friends. It got to the point were we had an out side kennel built so our visitors never had to see him.


This worked for a while but without the socialisation around the house he got worse out on his walks, so we moved his walk time to later and later at night. This still didn't cure him he started lunging at cars wanting to chase bikes barking at people making life generally hard. We took him to the vets for his booster that was an experience in itself, but the vet provided us with a number of a trainer we duly made the appointment. The lady spent less than 10 mins with him he was his usual self, barking, snapping not letting anyone near him although he was muzzled she made no attempt to get near him and gain his trust. Then giving us a list of things to do at home promptly, took the best part of 200 pounds off us and said come back in two weeks.


On getting home the new way of life started we did everything we were told during the two weeks. But not noticing any real change the two weeks passed and we returned on arrival the card was swiped the dog was looked at all within ten mins. We were told put him back in the car come to the office for a chat we did as was told all expectant for the future. What we got told was have him put down! As you can guess shock and horror washed over us, children crying, adults in shock, so we left. On the way home we decided that a second point of view was needed enter the I pad and google search for dog trainer we looked at lots but Andys appealed to us we kept coming back to the site. 

After several sleepless nights we picked up the phone explained we had a raging monster that needed taming we explained everything over the phone. Andy was understanding of our situation saying he could help and putting him down was a no no an appointment was booked Andy turned up we had the dog muzzled and a plan that was discussed over the phone. Upon Andy's arrival we had our dog in his crate with the door shut he had become even more aggressive towards strangers. He was ramming the cage door growling spitting as he was bought out lunging. We followed the instructions we were given and within ten min's Andy had his lead in his hand working with him there was a few finger nail biting moments for us when the dog went in to fight mode. But Andy just took it all in his stride the first session over hope restored to us that our raging monster could show his soft loving side to other people.
Andy talked about his positive energy and how my thoughts became energy. I am then thinking I could have the worlds first clairvoyant dog and Britans got talent here we come.

By Andy's second session the dog was allowing Andy in and interacting with him we still got the odd silly lunge but they got fewer and further between. By session three Andy comes into the house with no issues walks the dog in the street with me to the park, we still have a way to go the dog still has mad moments with cars bikes other dogs. But with him allowing Andy in to his world we are introducing more of our friends to the dog our way of life is getting better with each pas in day.

We followed Andys instructions from the visit and we could see an improvement and also now have a training plan for Sonny now from Andy. There is a great change we can have more visitors, the walks are getting better every time we go on one and as to the dog reading my thoughts that then become energy. I believe it, I think don't lunge boy and what happens he lunges think positive and the dogs positive and well behaved this is only just the start working with Andy but the future is much brighter, thanks to Andy who you can phone at any time for any little thing who turns up full of energy and drive and is great value for money! 


Thank you Andy for all your advice and support and providing Phoebe with a lovely place to stay. 


We take our beagle Phoebe to Andy regularly for doggy day care and could not recommend him more, either for day care for your dog or for training advice. He is always welcoming, and eager to offer any support or advice for any naughty behaviour that we may be struggling with, for instance whining in her crate. He has helped us to learn the importance of patience and a positive attitude towards our dogs behaviour, and for that we can't thank him enough.


We have never worried about Phoebe when she is in Andy's care or pack of dogs, and could not trust anyone more than we trust Andy to look after her. Andy is knowledgable of dog behaviour and more than willing to go the extra mile for both our dog and us as owners. If you want peace of mind knowing the your dog is safe or you struggling with your dogs behaviour I have absolutely no doubt Andy will be able to support you.


Rupert, Kirstie and Phoebe.


Phoebe would also like to say thank you for letting her play with your pack of lovely dogs :) 

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